enrol a worker in the

ESI worker program

Enrol in the ESI worker Program

We suggest you read through the steps before you get started, giving yourself time to source and upload the documents needed to enrol your workers.

A nominated administrator from your business will be required to complete the steps below.

For extra help, user guides with screenshots can be found on the Help and Resources page.

Enroling ESI trainers? Visit the ESI Trainers page for more information.


First, create an account for your business

This is an initial one-off process required to obtain your ESI worker login details.

Click the button above to go to the program.

> Start by selecting Australia, enter your ABN and search
> Click Register
> Enter contact details, including email and business address and phone number. Tick the declaration.
> Select Request Registration to have your business registration verified. You will be emailed login details.

Already have an account? Click Back to login above Business Details Registration.

Now your business has an account in the program, you can login and enrol your workers.

STEP 1: Enrolment

Enrol your workers

In the program (select LOGIN at the top of the page)

> Select Manage Roles and then Add New Employee. From here, upload the worker’s passport-sized photo and click done. Enter and save their name, date of birth, work address, phone and email.

> Select Add Site and add the Network Operator e.g. Jemena.

> Select All Roles and then Add New Role. Select the relevant Network Operator Apply for ESI worker Card role/s (select only the numbered roles at this stage – other roles will be selected later in this process).

> The next screen allows you to review any of the details entered for your worker and confirm the postal address for the worker’s card. Click select next and confirm.

Pay for ESI worker card

The next step is to pay for the ESI worker cards (both an eCard for their mobile device, and a driving licence-sized plastic card).

Worker enrolment costs $25.87 + GST per person for the management of roles and supply of ESI worker card. The card will be printed sent by regular post. This fee is only ever paid once per worker.

> Click checkout to view the shopping cart

> Click PayPal/Credit Card and complete the payment details. Click checkout and proceed

> A checkout successful message will appear and you may download your invoice

Step 2: Cards & Training

Information validated and cards issued

With the assistance of the Network Operators, the worker application is approved and ESI worker cards issued.

Worker attends training

The worker undertakes training with a training provider, meeting VESI requirements for their role/s.

Step 3: Roles, Documents & Validation

Add roles and upload documents

In the ESI worker program (LOGIN at the top of the page), select Manage Roles and then the worker’s name to Add New Role. The worker’s name will move to the right of the screen. Select continue.

Select All RolesAdd New Role and choose the work role/s as per the VESI Skills and Training Matrix.

Your selections here will determine the competency documents (licences, statements of attainment, certificates of competency, and qualifications) you’ll now be prompted to upload into the program to prove your worker is competent to perform their role.

Network Operator approves documents and roles

With the assistance of the Network Operators, your worker’s roles and competencies will be validated. You will be emailed if there are any issues and given a chance to update the information.

It’s important that you keep your business and worker details current, and you’ll be emailed if anything you have supplied expires and needs to be updated.