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This Knowledge Base includes steps to help an administrator search for and edit worker details, run reports on competencies or work hours, and create users, among other helpful tips. This process can be completed in Onsite, the Pegasus software that powers the ESI worker program.

The Business Rules specify the requirements of the documents you upload in the system. Ensuring your documents meet these requirements will save time and have your workers approved faster.

Complete and return this form if you have a new worker who is already registered and you need them added to your company, or you would like to remove a registered worker from your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I enrol in the ESI worker program?

You can find the program by clicking the ENROL button at the top of this site. When you’ve created an account, you can select LOGIN instead.

The user guides at the top of the page will help you use the program.

Which electricity network operators require their workers to be enroled?

Currently, Victoria electricity supply network operators require those working for them to be enroled in the ESI worker program. The program will be rolled out across Australia soon.

What if my workers hold Australian ESI Skills Passports?

The ESI worker program is replacing the Australian ESI Skills Passport. Workers in the program will receive two cards – an eCard for their mobile device, and a driving licence-sized plastic card. Either may be scanned to check the compliance and qualifications of the worker, with their information linked to their card.

This process will simplify and automate the process, and the worker’s information may be updated at any time in the ESI worker program.

How much does ESI worker program enrolment cost?

Worker enrolment costs $22.50 + GST per person for the management of roles and supply of ESI worker card. The plastic card will be printed and mailed to you, and the eCard sent to the mobile number registered to that worker.

This fee is only ever paid once per worker.

What sorts of documents do I need to supply to enrol my workers?

The documents you’ll be required to upload in the program will depend on your worker’s role. These include:

  • Construction Induction Cards
  • High Risk Licences
  • Trade or Tertiary Qualifications
  • Refresher Certificates of Competency
  • Statements of Attainment
  • A passport-sized photo for their ID card

What benefit does the ESI worker program have for my company and workers?

The program allows you to provide proof of competency to work in the high-risk electricity supply industry. In turn, the program reduces the effort required to maintain records in paper Passports, for example, you will no longer be required to ensure physical entries are made of Network Operator authorities.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

For help with worker role selection or mobile app access, contact the appropriate Network Operator. For help with the ESI worker program, contact Pegasus.

All details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Can you start working for a Network Operator as soon as you’re enroled in the program?

Enrolment in the ESI worker program does not automatically approve a worker to work on a network, but it is a required first step. You must still follow your Network Operator’s requirements for work on their network.

Why does each worker need their own email address and mobile number?

The ESI worker mobile app user name and password will be sent to the worker’s email address. You can use a generic email address if the worker does not have their own, but the administrator of that address will need to forward the user name/password to the worker.

An ESI worker eCard will be sent to the worker’s mobile number. Another mobile number can be used if the worker does not have their own, but as with the email, the owner of the mobile must send the eCard onto the worker. Without a mobile phone number, an eCard cannot be issued.

Please note: eCards are not mandatory in the program.

How will I know when my worker’s documents are expiring?

Email notifications will be sent to the registered administrator of your company to advise them of expiring worker documents.

Notifications will be sent at 30 days and again at 7 days prior to expiry.

If your worker is also employed by another company, the company that first registered them will receive the notifications.

How do I update my worker’s photo if they also hold a Rail Industry Worker card?

You will need to contact the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) team on 1300 777 245 or

Visit for more information about the program.